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element14 and Amphenol - a partnership that brings you industry leading connectors and interconnect systems. It's our service to you.

Amphenol are leading-edge manufacturers of connectors and interconnect systems for industrial applications, the telecommunications sector and military/aerospace purposes.

Their product range spans a broad selection of applications, including copper and optical fibre components for all kinds of high-speed network. Among them are line protection and signal conditioning units, and electro-optical transceivers. Open-loom manufacturing and over-moulding help to ensure high quality and durability of their cable products.

As a global interconnect specialist with 85 facilities in over 30 countries worldwide, and annual revenues in excess of $4 billion - giving it unparalleled status in the interconnect industry in key markets, including its Whitstable manufacturing site and Nottingham satellite office in the UK.

element14 stock an extensive list of Amphenol products, with over 100,000 to choose from; many are available on next-day delivery terms from our existing stock, while some are in our extended catalogue with a five-day lead time.

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