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Molex and element14 - the leading partnership for the widest range of interconnect products.

Molex have become synonymous with PC internal power connectors, which is what many people will immediately think of when they hear the name, but their diverse portfolio of interconnectivity solutions spans plenty of other applications besides power, and you may equally see audio and video connectors bearing the Molex brand as well.

Their complete portfolio is one of the most extensive from any manufacturer in the world, with more than 100,000 products delivering reliable interconnectivity for a vast range of different applications, and enabling innovation from systems designers for the future.

Molex have, in their own right, a team of highly skilled engineers working on new solutions for the years to come, with a product portfolio that grows continually and organically. This has seen fibre optics incorporated into the line-up, and as new products become available, the selection that can be purchased with next-day delivery also increases to keep pace with customer demands.

At element14, we offers a broad range of Molex products including SlimStack, Wire to Board/Wire Connectors, Board to Board Connectors, FFC/FPC Connectors, Power Connectors (MiniFit /Microfit/ Extreme Power), HDMI, Card Connectors, I/O Connectors, Solderless Terminal Products and many more Molex products.

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