AMD Kria™ K24 SOM and KD240 Drives Starter Kit enable the design of power-efficient, production-ready solutions for motor control and digital signal processing applications with a fast time to market.

The AMD Kria™ K24 System-on-Module (SOM) and KD240 Drives Starter Kit are the latest additions to the Kria portfolio of adaptive SOMs and developer kits. The AMD Kria K24 SOM offers power-efficient compute in a small form factor and targets cost-sensitive industrial and commercial edge applications. Advanced InFO (Integrated Fan-Out) packaging makes the K24 SOM half the size of a credit card while using half the power of the larger, connector-compatible Kria K26 SOM.

The K24 SOM provides high determinism and low latency for powering electric drives and motor controllers used in compute-intensive digital signal processing (DSP) applications at the edge. Key applications include electric motor systems, robotics for factory automation, power generation, public transportation such as elevators and trains, surgical robotics and medical equipment like MRI beds, and EV charging stations.


  • Autonomous Industrial Robotics
  • Electrical Vehicles & Chargers
  • Handheld Medical Devices
  • Medical Equipment
  • Power Generation Systems
  • Public Transportation
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Introducing Kria: AMD Adaptive System-on-Modules

Power-efficient Compute

  • Develop power-efficient and highly deterministic industrial solutions for volume deployment
  • 2X latency advantage vs. a standard system on chip like Texas Instruments AM64xx and similar products for single-axis drives applications

Scalable & Adaptable

  • Smaller form factor and connector compatible with the Kria K26 SOM— enabling migration
  • Future ready for HW and SW changes, offering adaptability for various sensors or interfaces as standards evolve

Easy Signal Processing

  • Pre-built HW acceleration with Vitis™ motor control libraries
  • Out-of-the-box ready with KD240 Drives Starter Kits and Kria App Store, and support for more development flows, including Python and the MATLAB® Simulink® environment

Coupled with the AMD Kria KD240 Drives Starter Kit, an out-of-the-box-ready motor control-based development platform, the products offer a seamless path to production deployment with the K24 SOM. Users can quickly be up and running, speeding up time to market for motor control and DSP applications without requiring FPGA programming expertise.

Many factories have hundreds of motors powering robotics that drive assembly lines and other equipment. It is estimated that around 70% of the total global electrical use by the industrial sector is tied to electric motors and motor-driven systems. As such, even a 1% improvement in the efficiency of a drive system can have a significant positive impact on operational expenses and the environment.

Simplified DSP Development and Accelerated Design Cycles

The AMD Kria K24 SOM features a custom-built AMD Zynq™ UltraScale+™ MPSoC device and the supporting KD240 Drives Starter Kit is an SoC-based motor control kit. Enabling developers to begin at a more evolved point in the design cycle, the KD240 provides easy access for entry-level developers compared to other processor-based control kits.

The K24 SOM comes qualified for use in industrial environments with support for more design flows than any generation before it. That includes familiar design tools like MathWorks® MATLAB® Simulink® and languages like Python with its extensive ecosystem support for the AMD PYNQ™ framework. Ubuntu and Docker are also supported. Software developers can also use the AMD Vitis™ motor control libraries while maintaining support for traditional development flows.

With the launch of the AMD Kria™ K26 SOM, AMD introduced the first App Store for edge applications. By introducing the KD240 Starter Kit, AMD is now the first to offer pre-built motor control apps, allowing users to create power-efficient industrial solutions that are reliable, available, and with advanced security features.

The AMD KD240 Drives Starter Kit is supported by an optional Motor Accessory Pack (MACCP), with additional motor kits available in the future that can be purchased separately for an enhanced ramp-up experience for developers.

AMD Kria™ K24 SOM


The AMD Kria™ K24 System-on-Module (SOM) is a production ready hardware platform. The K24 SOM is shipped without any preloaded FW or SW configurations in the non-volatile memory devices (QSPI and eMMC). The I-grade K24 SOM includes ECC support while the C-grade K24 SOM does not.

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AMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter Kit


The AMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter Kit is an evaluation kit based on the K24 SOM focused on electric drives and motor applications.

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AMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter Kit Linux

The AMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter Kit is supported with Ubuntu Server 22.04 for the initial out-of-box support and example applications. An embedded Linux built within Yocto is also provided as a reference implementation for customers intending to target a custom embedded Linux during evaluation and production. Each Starter Kit also has a corresponding PetaLinux BSP. The Ubuntu Server 22.04 is the primary OS targeted by the KD240 pre-built applications and out of box workflows.

Ubuntu Server LTS
The following table outlines the Ubuntu images available for the AMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter Kit. For additional details on the Ubuntu support for Kria, see the AMD Ubuntu Wiki.

Username: ubuntu
Password: ubuntu (Will be prompted to change on first login)

Starter Kit Ubuntu ImageDescriptionKits SupportedRecommended FWDownload Link
Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTSAMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter Kit Ubuntu Server 22.04 imageKD2402023.1 K24 Boot FW Update or laterDownload

AMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter Kit Embedded Linux (Yocto)

AMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter Kit Embedded Linux reference image has been built natively in Yocto to support users not using the AMD-specific PetaLinux tool. The AMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter Kit Yocto reference image is built to support multiple platforms while the PetaLinux BPS only support a single static HW configuration. Thus you will find a Yocto reference image that supports the AMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter Kits, while PetaLinux has a 1-to-1 mapping of BSPs to individual platforms. For additional details on the AMD Kria™ platform Yocto support, see the Kria™ App Dev Guide. Yocto image default login:

Username: petalinux
Password: Will be prompted to change on first login

AMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter Kit Yocto ImageDescriptionKits SupportedRecommended FWDownload Link
AMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter Kit embedded Linux 2023.1AMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter Kit embedded LinuxKD2402023.1 K24 Boot FW Update or laterAMD Download - K24 Embedded Linux image

AMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter Kit Boot Firmware Updates

AMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter Kits have factory pre-programmed boot firmware that is installed and maintained in the SOM QSPI device. Occasionally firmware updates will be made available in the table below which can be updated from Linux using the “xmutil bootfw_update” on-target utility. The starter kits supports an A/B update mechanism to ensure that the platform has a known good fallback in the event of an issue during the upgrade process. The on-target utility will update the new boot firmware (BOOT.BIN file) into the non-active slot and then set the firmware to become active on the next boot cycle.

AMD Kria™ Boot FW ImageDescriptionKits SupportedDownload Link
K24 Boot FW 1.00AMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter Kits Boot FW Update – Adds CAN and RS485 interface subsystem enablementKD240AMD Download - K24-BootFW-01.00.bin

AMD Kria™ K24 Production SOM

The AMD Kria™ K24 SOM is supported with two BSPs which are analogous to the “SOM” and “Starter Kit” hardware configurations outlined above. Be sure to use the BSP aligned with your selected tools version and target platform.

Product BSPDescriptionBSP Download Link
AMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter KitThe AMD Kria™ KD240 Drives Starter Kit BSP implements2023.1 PLNX Update 1 - AMD download
AMD Kria™ K24 SOMThe AMD Kria™ K26 SOM is a “starter” BSP2023.1 PLNX Update 1 - AMD download