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Offer valid till 30th December 2023, or while stocks last

*Terms & conditions apply, please read before redeeming a gift

element14 coaster

Regular web list price order: 450 RM

Quoted/special price orders: 900 RM

Promotion code:


Order code: 4247521

element14 wireless charger

Regular web list price order: 1800 RM

Quoted/special price orders: 3600 RM

Promotion code:


Order code: 4247522

element14 wireless mouse

Regular web list price order: 1800 RM

Quoted/special price orders: 3600 RM

Promotion code:


Order code: 4247523

Process to claim your marketing gift:

  • 1. Add products to basket
  • 2. Click on 'My Basket' tab
  • 3. Click on 'Checkout now'
  • 4. Go to 'Delivery options'
  • 5. Go to 'Special Instructions' drop-down menu, then select 'Other'
  • 6. Insert the Promo Code of the free gift that you are redeeming
  • 7. Click 'Confirm Order'

Terms and conditions

  • This is for online/web orders only, customers must add the Promo Code while logged-on and placing orders online
  • The promo code cannot be added to the order when the order has already been placed, processed, and/or dispatched
  • The minimum order value must be a total of the purchased semiconductors, passives, interconnect products
  • This promotion is valid until the 30th December 2023, or, while the giveaway stocks last,whichever is the earliest
  • Limit one free gift redemption per customer per week
  • This offer is not available in conjunction with any other discounts, promotions, offers or any element14 print publications
  • The minimum line value amount does not include freight, GST or Discounts and must be placed in one transaction
  • Employees from public sector companies or (governmental) officials are excluded from participating in this campaign
  • Employees, directors, shareholders of any company within the Premier Farnell Group and their direct families (parents, siblings, spouse, partner, and children) or agents and/or anyone associated are also not eligible to redeem this promotion
  • element14 reserves the right to terminate or alter the terms of this promotion without prior notice
  • The image and color of the free gift is for illustration purposes only, the color may vary at the discretion of the supplier

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