Designed by our engineers for engineers like you, Multicomp Pro’s range of sleeving will provide you with the perfect solution to protect your cables and wires.

Be it your need for protection from the most abrasive of environments or you are simply looking to tidy up your cable bundles, Multicomp Pro’s range has it all with materials ranging from PVC to Fibreglass and sleeving types from general purpose to fireproof. Whatever your application, think of Multicomp Pro first!

Featured products

Pro braid metal screening braid

Pro-Braid - Metal Screening Braid Premium performance copper screening braid, available with tin or nickel plating, that provides optical coverage from 93% to 99%. This range provides excellent EMI performance and a high expansion ratio.

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Flexible PVC sleeving

A flexible PVC sleeving in a wide range of sizes, manufactured to meet 105°C applications, supplied on 100 metre/328 feet continuous coils to facilitate overall protection of cable harnesses.

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PET expandable braided sleeving

Self-extinguishing, lightweight, expandable braided sleeving, made of tough polyester mono filaments. Continuous working temperatures of -50°C up to +150°C and resistance to most chemicals enables this sleeving to be used in hostile conditions and is suitable for all industries.

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