The all new LinkSwitch-TNZ from Power Integrations

Combining offline power conversion, lossless zero-cross detection and optional X-capacitor discharge functions in a compact SO-8C package, the highly efficient switcher can be used for non-isolated buck and buck-boost power supplies up to 575 mA output current and can provide up to 12 W output for universal input isolated flyback designs.

The new LinkSwitch-TNZ ICs benefit Smart Home and Building Automation (HBA) products and white goods where there are regulatory requirements to limit power consumption. By providing lossless zero-cross detection that can be used to minimize inrush current seen by smart switches and dimmers, provide timing information for leading-edge and trailing edge dimmers and synchronize system clock and timing functions, LinkSwitch-TNZ ICs deliver significant standby power savings improve switch lifetime and increase system reliability.

Smart power saving

Future thinking for today’s applications

Typical discrete AC zero-cross detection circuits require many components and can consume up to half of the standby power budget in typical applications. With integrated lossless AC zero-cross detection, LinkSwitch-TNZ ICs provide best-in-class light load efficiencies, enabling more system features to be powered in standby while still meeting stringent standby regulations. At the same time, component count is reduced by more than 40% compared to discrete designs.

Optionally, an X-capacitor discharge function can be included for high-power applications, leading to greater PCB space reduction, low BOM count and increased reliability (LNK331x). Eliminating the bleed resistors required to meet IEC62368-1 can reduce no-load consumption in white goods by up to 1 W.

LinkSwitch-TNZ switching power supply ICs enable ±3% regulation across line and load, no-load consumption of less than 30 mW with external bias and have an IC standby current of less than 100 µA.


  • Lossless zero-cross detection and signal generation
  • Optional X-capacitor discharge function
  • Supports buck, buck-boost and flyback topologies
  • Selectable device current limit
  • Reduces size and cost of magnetics and output capacitor
  • Allows the use of low-cost off-the-shelf inductors
  • Frequency jittering reduces EMI
  • 725 V MOSFET rating for excellent surge withstand
  • Comprehensive safety and reliability features
  • <100 µA standby current in 2-wire no neutral designs
  • No-load consumption <30 mW with external bias
  • Easily meets all global energy efficiency regulations

Product portfolio

Typical output current in buck (mA)Typical output power in flyback (W)
230 VAC ± 15%85-265 VAC230 VAC ± 15%85-265 VAC
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* LNK331x parts includes X capacitor discharge function, LNK33x6 is recommended in flyback for highest efficiency