Terms & Conditions Governing Gift Redemptions

  • The gifts/vouchers offered in this Promotion are offered to and intended for use by the person or entity which is the counterparty to the order in connection with which these gifts/vouchers have been issued (our Accountholder). These gifts/vouchers may only be redeemed by the Accountholder. They are neither offered to nor intended for the benefit of any individual representing that Accountholder. These gifts/vouchers will be invalid in the event that they are used by any other person or entity. While we will do what we reasonably can to ensure that the gifts/vouchers are provided to the Accountholder, it is the responsibility of the person entering the Promotion or receiving the gifts/vouchers to ensure that he or she has the authority of the Accountholder to do so on its behalf and to obtain any consents or permissions needed to do so. element14 disclaims any liability it may otherwise have if the person entering the Promotion or receiving the gifts/vouchers does not have authority to do so for the Accountholder.
  • In relation to any gift or prize that may be used by the recipient in his or her personal capacity, as well as or instead of its use in business (such as, for example: iPads, iTouches; mp3players; mini printers; cameras or photographic equipment etc), element14 will only release such gift/prize to the corporate Accountholder entitled to it in accordance with these terms and conditions after receipt by element14 of the acknowledgement of the corporate Accountholder confirming that gift/prize for the Accountholder should be sent for their attention and, that they are authorized to receive it on behalf of the corporate Accountholder. A copy of that acknowledgement letter will be sent by element14 together with gift/prize to the authorized representative named in the acknowledgement.
  • In avoidance of doubt, Students, Universities, Government Officials and non-corporate accounts are not eligible to claim and participate in any form of gift related promotional campaigns.