Tri-rated cable is so called because it complies with the specifications – as shown below - of three different standard bodies; the British Standards Institute (BSI), the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). This triple certification allows products to be used in both the European and North American markets.

These cables are referred to as H05V2-K and H07V2-K under their European harmonisation (HAR) designation code.


British Standard - BS6231 Type CK – covers single core PVC insulated electrical cables with rated voltage 600/1000V for switchgear and control gear wiring & a continuous use maximum operating temperature of 90oC. Tri-Rated cable exceeds this requirement with a maximum temperature of 105 oC in order to comply with UL758 and CSA 22.2. Tri-rated cable manufactured to BS6231 Type CK should not be confused with other cables manufactured to BS6231 Type BK which has a maximum operating temperature of 70 oC.

When installed in their target equipment, they are suitable for wiring circuits for which the prescribed alternating test voltage does not exceed 4 kV r.m.s. for 1 min. The types of cable specified in this standard are as follows:

  • Type BK - For a maximum conductor operating temperature of 70°C
  • Type CK - For a maximum conductor operating temperature of 90°C

Tri-rated cable exceeds these requirements with a maximum temperature of 105°C to comply with UL758 and CSA 22.2

Canadian Standards Association - CSA 22.2 – details the specific requirements for flexible cords, elevator cables and hoistway cables with a voltage rating up to a maximum of 600V.

Underwriters Laboratories – UL 758 – specifies the requirements for flexible cords, elevator cables and hoistway cables with a voltage rating up to a maximum of 600V.

Cable Construction:

Tri-Rated Cable is also commonly known as control panel wire or switchgear cable. They are made with a flexible, single core copper conductor (with Class 5 flexibility as rated by British Standard BS EN 60228:2005), and a heat resistant Polyvinyl Chloride (HR PVC) insulated cable jacket. Tri-rated cable is manufactured in a wide variety of insulation colours, including brown, orange, yellow, pink, and dark blue.

Related Cable types

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Physical / Electrical Characteristics of Tri-Rated Cable

Nominal Cross SectionApprox. AWGMax. diameter wires in conductor mmNominal overall diameter mmNominal weight kg/kmCurrent rating (peak) AmpsVoltage drop mV/A/m

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