Intelligence in a Real World


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here!

It's one of the most talked about technologies recently and we are witnessing one of the greatest revolutions in all of human history - driven by Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has the true potential to enhance and extend the capabilities of humans, and help businesses achieve more, faster and more efficiently. AI-driven analytics and real-time insights helping industries transforming the businesses to grow their revenues and market shares faster than their peers from logistics and healthcare to automotive and manufacturing.

So what is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is a technology to make intelligent systems and machines which can act and think like humans. Thanks to increasingly miniaturized computers, affordable sensors, ubiquitous networking, and the increasing availability of “smart” devices around the world. Increasing amounts of data from smart devices leads to better-informed decision making with algorithms being continuously improved either by analysts or automatically through machine learning.

Types of AI:

  • Narrow AI: Made to perform one particular task, but can not think for themselves.
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): Able to think and act just like a human. It is able to learn from experiences.
  • Superintelligent AI: Taking a step ahead, it is when machines outsmart humans.

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Artificial Intelligence can be divided into three categories:

The first category is AI itself, perform all possible approaches to simulating intelligence like humans. A sub-category is Machine Learning (ML), which uses data and experience automatically to tune algorithms. Finally, sub-set of ML is Deep Learning (DL) which used deep neural networks – to simulate the learning process.

Artificial Intelligence

A program that can sense, reason, adapt and act like humans.

Machine Learning

Ability to receive a set of data, learn for themselves and change, update & improve algorithms as they learn to improve overall performance.

Deep Learning

A level deeper of the machine learning, learning based on the deep artificial neural network to represent patterns. A system understands tons of information and responds in useful ways.

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