element14 has paired data acquisition hardware and software from industry leader NI, with in-stock sensors from leading manufacturers so you can spend less time researching system compatibility, and more time on your research or design validation test.

Need to customise the system? Talk to a Test and Measurement expert at element14 to select the right solution for your application.

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All systems feature:

  • NI modular data acquisition hardware for sensor measurements

    • C Series Modules are designed for sensor measurements, from temperature to vibration to pressure
    • Modular CompactDAQ Chasis is compatible with any of the 80+ compatible modules. Change or add measurements for a customised test system for your needs
  • FlexLogger, an NI no-code data acquisition software for out of the box measurement with your sensor

    • Configure custom UI’s with graphs, charts and alarm indicators
    • Set trigger conditions for alarms and logging
    • Add operator input panels to capture test metadata
    • Save to file formats for Excel (.csv) or .tdms and open binary standard, to use with any in-house software post data processing
  • Recommended Sensors and Accessories for a complete test system

Mini-TC thermocouple bundle

Great general purpose thermocouple measurement system with a focus on simplicity

This simple bundle includes NI's entry-level 4-channel USB thermocouple bundle with mini-jack connectors for a plug-and-play experience from your PC to the mini-tc thermocouple sensor from Omega. Paired with NI's no-code programming software, FlexLogger, it's easier to pack up and take you test on the road or move between labs.

Isolated thermocouple bundle

Ideal for electrical systems like motors or electrical appliances and consumer electronics

The isolated thermocouple measurement bundle has the channel-channel isolation needed to test electrical network components like motors and appliances, up to 250 VRMS

High-channel thermocouple bundle

NI’s most popular thermocouple module with the best price per channel and channel density

The high-channel thermocouple bundle is ideal for general purpose thermal tests that require multiple test points or thermal chambers where multiple DUTs are tested in parallel. Need even more channels? Scale your system by moving to a multi-slot chassis that leverages the same software and the same module.

Entry-level pressure bundle

Simple, entry-level system for multiple sensors testing in parallel.

This simple, entry-level 4-channel USB pressure bundle uses an NI Voltage Input Module and has spring terminal connectivity and simultaneous sampling across all channels. It contains NIST-traceable calibration, a channel-to-earth ground double isolation barrier for safety and noise immunity, and high common-mode voltage range.

High output pressure bundle

Pressure module with the best price per channel and channel density

This 16-channel USB pressure system has spring terminal connectivity and simultaneous sampling across all analog input channels. Each channel provides a plus/minus 10-volt measurement range and can output 3.2 MB/s of data at the maximum sampling rate.

High-channel pressure bundle

Great general purpose pressure measurement system with a focus on simplicity

This high-channel voltage is ideal for general purpose tests. The module has 16 AI Differential or 32 AI Single-Ended channels with push-in spring terminal connectivity, in addition to overvoltage protection between input channels and common (COM).

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