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Manufacturers are currently faced with the issue of transitioning themselves into industry 4.0 facilities, which necessitates them to become more sustainable, efficient, and innovative across all lines of production.

The manufacturing industry will need to capture their carbon for onward storage and switch from using fossil fuels to low-carbon alternatives. As energy is integral to everything we do, improved efficiency in the energy performance of industrial processes will lay the groundwork for the transformation of industrial energy. Markets are best placed over the long run to implement the most cost-effective solutions which deliver net-zero industrial emissions, supported by a long-term carbon price signal.

This whitepaper will introduce the various smart solutions that are implemented to achieve net-zero, development of Industry 4.0, energy management, and energy efficiency:

  • Significance of Energy Efficiency to achieving Net-Zero
  • Reduce Power Consumption with Automation
  • Communication Solutions for Smart Manufacturing
  • Role of Predictive Maintenance

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