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Reel, ESD and more packaging options to meet your needs

We offer certain products in a variety of packaging to meet your needs. You can find most items in reel, as well as ESD packaging.

ESD packaging
Packaging that has improved electro static discharge properties to ensure safe delivery of sensitive components.

Re-reeling Service
The Company offers a re-reeling service on selected Goods on the terms of these Conditions. This service is available in respect of Goods which the Company designates as eligible for this service from time to time provided that the minimum order quantity for such Goods shall be 150 or more. The Company reserves the right to change the Goods designated as eligible or the fees payable for this service at any time, except in respect of orders accepted by the Company in accordance with these Conditions at the time of change.

Full Reels
An extensive range of resistors, capacitors and inductors are now available on full reels. Buy in high quantities for lower prices and get your full requirement of components on a single reel, complete with manufacturers' leader and trailer tape.

Continuous Strip
All components available on tape and reel are delivered on one continuous strip – reducing waste and improving production efficiency.

Moisture Sensitive Packaging
Save time and effort with our "ready to use" packaging for moisture sensitive components. Available on thousands of components from the industry's leading manufacturers, compliant to Jedec industry standards.

Product Information

Q: Can I speak to someone about technical product information?
  • Try our live support 24 hours a day, Monday - Friday
  • Email technical support:
  • Call technical support: +60 3 5637 3555, 9:00am - 6:00pm, Monday - Friday
Q: Can I get help to find a product?
  • Try our live support 24 hours a day, Monday - Friday
  • Email technical support:
  • Call technical support: +60 3 5637 3555, 9:00am - 6:00pm, Monday - Friday
Q: How do the search filters work?
A:Check the box to filter by selected parameters then click “Apply”.

For parametric filters, the available filters will automatically update with each selection, however you still need to click “Apply” to see the updated product list that matches your filter selection.

You can disable the automatic update by unchecking the “Auto Apply filters” check box above the parametric boxes.

For more information visit the Searching for Products page.

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Q: How do I stop product notifications?
A: Simply Log in and go to the My Account: Product Notifications and follow the instructions provided for removing a notification.

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Q: What is a product lead time?
A: When high demand for a product results in it being out of stock, we will provide an estimate of how long it will be before we expect additional inventory from the manufacturer to be available for delivery to customers.
Q:How do I check stock and lead times?
A:See the Pricing and Availability section for more information.
Q:What can I enter in the search box?
A:See the Searching for Products section for more information.
Q:How do I select or search by product attributes?
A: Simply type the product attributes alongside the product you need in the search box. For example, if you're searching for a capacitor with a capacitance of 100pF, type “100pF capacitor” into the search box and click “Search”.

The search results will then return all products relevant to the words you have typed in. Other product attributes can then be selected to narrow your results further.
Q:How do I compare products?
A: On the search results page, select products for a side-by-side comparison of attributes to help you make your final choice. Check the products you want to compare and then click "Compare".

To select products from different results screens for comparison, follow these steps:
  • Select your first SKU or series of SKU's on the first results page.
  • Click “Compare”
  • On the Compare screen, use the browser back button to go back to the previous results page
  • Go to the next page of results
  • Select the next SKU or series of SKUs
  • Click “Compare”
Once a SKU is added to the "Compare" screen, it will stay there until you remove it or you close the browser.
Q:What do the 'Tech Info' icons mean?
  •   Click to access a datasheet on the manufacturer's website.
  •   Click to open the MSDS on the manufacturer's website.
  •   Click to access the manual for this product.
  •   Click to view the product's application note.
  •   RoHS Compliant Item
  •   Click to access a RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Q:What does the ‘RoHS Compliant’ icon mean?
A: See the RoHS / Legislation section for more information.
Q: What is a substitute item?
  • An exact substitute is functionally identical (same form, fit and function) but has a different unit of measure from the same manufacturer.
  • An upgrade substitute is a product that has been improved by the same manufacturer.
  • A suggested substitute is a product that is functionally similar with similar form and fit.